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No one shares the same vision as you. No one can create the things you do like you. You are creative, intelligent, and unique. We have the ability to show our talents in many ways. Which one will you choose? I want you to know that the world needs you. Someone like you that will make them smile, make them realize life is worth living. Your story can save someone from depression. Your story can change someone's life. Why are you hiding your gift? You are worthy of all that you ask of. You are manifesting the life you want to live in. Each day someone is counting on you. Why do you think your story isn't enough? How did you make it out? You're brilliant.
You are bold.
You have made it to the other side.
It wasn't easy.
It was worth it!
To meet with like-minded, individuals what a blessing.

You are me, I am you.

The Alchemist Queen