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I remember a time back when I had $0.00 in my account. Most would freak out and wallow in misery, but I've learned that's where the biggest test of your faith lies. Instead of freaking out and throwing a tantrum, I did the complete opposite. I smiled and said, "By the end of, today I will have $500.00". I kept myself happy by focusing on being a service to others. I honestly forget I had an account of $0.00 because I found fulfillment by being a service to someone else. That happiness inside multiplied into dollars in my 3D reality. The way I made others feel made them feel so good. They started to find meaning in their life, that's amazing if you ask me! As my vibration began to climb more cha-ching was flowing in from above. Then I realized the missing link. My vibration is what attracted these experiences. The happier I became the more greatness began to surround me.
That was a test of my faith; I had two options.
1) Stay happy despite the circumstances.
2) To give up, play the victim, and wallow in my self-pity.

Just think if I chose option; 2 experiences would've been different. That would have looked like unwanted pop-up payments, people who were in the same negative boat, and most of all, possible cases of misfortune.

Instead, I did something differently; I remained grateful and genuinely was a service to others. At the end of the night, I doubled my goal 3x over and gained a key. A major one!

The next time you're experiencing a situation similar to, mine remain happy, be a help to others, and focus solely on what you desire.

That is the key to keeping your vibration high to attract a better reality!