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Boundary Queen

Ladies, let us chat! As I've been working on self-development, I realized the importance of installing boundaries. I use to be that girl that always needed reassurance; most of all someone to communicate that too. I started observing my behaviors. I put myself under a microscope to figure out why I would lash out at others if I felt I wasn't getting the same energy reciprocated. For me, this would mainly be when dealing with masculine energy. The answer became clear one day; those issues stemmed from codependency issues. I was focusing on things outside of me to fix me. That's never the right path to go! No man, no friend, no job, no career, no amount of money can fix codependent issues. The problem is the more you depend on that energy to make you lose yourself more every time. You attract more blessings when you take the time to heal when you realize you are whole already. Let what you desire to come to you. That is by becoming the embodiment of what you want. Write down your goals and dreams and place them where you can see them daily. Take this healing process each day with flow and ease. Love yourself and others through it all as you understand why they act the way they do. Realize how powerful you are and how blessed it is to be chosen by your ancestors and beloved spiritual team. Best wishes to you, my Queen.