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Moving In Silence

Moving in silence, what exactly is that? Easier said than done. Do you truly know what that means? If so, do you recognize the power in doing so?

We get a new job, new romance, new deal, and what is the first thing many of us do? We run and share the news! The excitement overtakes us to where we must share our latest achievements. Spiritual Bae, I come to inform you most adequately it's time to keep your mouth shut!

Everyone doesn't have your best interest. Sharing things prematurely, Is the number one manifestation blocker. Why? Because when you do, you hand others the blueprint on how to place stumbling blocks in your way and ultimately cause you to lose the very thing you were so excited to have. This war is spiritual ladies! So let's armor up.

Moving in silence shows discipline that you can keep a secret with you and God. Just by that move, God will bless you so much more publicly. You are now equipped to carry out his plans. When sharing your plan, achievements, and victories with those who secretly hate you that gives them access to destroy. Let's realize everyone isn't always around you to be your friend and cheer you on. The universe sometimes places those who are greedy and entitled in your life so that you can use discernment. Will you take the bait or let the; bait starve? It's your choice!

As for my personal experience, I realized keeping my manifestations on mute has been the best thing I've ever done. The next time something great happens to you bask in your success. The moment you share the victory is when the battle is already won!

The Alchemist Queen