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Other Side Of Corna

The simple answer to the question you are seeking is "you". You have made it to the other side. Trust you are not the same as you were before entering this global pandemic in March 2020. Many emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial shifts have taken place.
For some, the global pandemic was used to learn new skills, self-development, and to find new ways of financial independence. For others, it was panic, drama, and loss. Whatever spectrum you may fall under "You are not the same as you were." The question I have is did you turn out better or bitter? This is a pivotal shift in history that you were able to witness. Walking into this pandamic I admit I was lost because connecting with others is what I generally do . My back was against the wall when I realized I couldn't connect with those how I'd like. Spirit , then whishepered in my ear "Don't worry my child you will heal others through candles". And just like that the process begun and I spent one month teaching myself how to create the perfect candles. Lots of dedication went into this as candle making is a science. Turns out my candle busiess was one of the best moves I've ever made. Over the past five months over 2,000 candles have been created and shipped all around the world to heal others and enhance their manifestation abilites. Not only did I come out with a new skill I transformed with more confidence and determination. We were all made to enjoy life and succeed.