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Uncovering Truths

2020 has been one for the books as it's only August, and I say this. The year so far has shed light on so many hidden issues and agendas. The age of Aquarius brings revelations to surface as this is the age of knowing. So many secrets have been revealed from the top elites to the smallest of chains. If you haven't realized it by now the world is crumbling down. Evil and destruction no longer have a place as it runs wild and rampant. It's as if a huge magnifying glass is shining upon the world. Don't let this quarantine fool you from the greed behind it all. People are losing their lives, celebrities are stepping down from their positions through sacrificial rituals. New clones are arising as the old ones are washed away. The top elites have been running child sex trafficking rings for years. Abuse, torture, and sacrifice are the ways they like to create control, fear, and most of all violated acts in young children. All for control all for power. The truth is being revealed slowly. All who thought they knew something will be shocked at all that is revealed by the end of 2020. Sit back and relax as truths are uncovered.