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The Awakening Candles & Meanings

Candle names / What each candle does
“The Awakening”- atmosphere and energy cleanse, purified energy arrises
“Truth Be Told” = puts you into a deep meditation as different truths are revealed
“Surrender”=removing stagnant blockades by allowing flow in your life
“Third Eye Awakening”= takes off the blindfold / causes mass awakening
“Solitude”= removes /detaches you from all negative emotion
“Karma Is A Bitch”= Clears past time karma and current karma
“Mask Off”= Reveals all of your flaws/ insecurities to rebuild a healthy new relationship with yourself
“The Path”= opens your path and gives you clarity on which way to go
“Street Sweepa”= clears obstacles and roadblocks, opens up your path to success
“The Gates: Divine Timing” = leads you to successes, victories, and building long term opportunities

Candle Colors Names & Uses

White - The Awakening
Off White- Truth Be Told
Blue- Third Eye Awakening
Purple- Solitude
Black- “Karma Is A Bitch”
Yellow- Mask OFF
Pink- The Path
Red- Street Sweepa
Green - The Gates To Divine Timing