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The Healing Behind The Candles

Alchemy In You Candles came about on April 5th, 2020 during my time of being in quarantine. When quarantine first started I must say like many I was a bit freaked out. That was because I was in the middle of filming a new show while doing many content shoots. That wasn't until I realized there is a bigger purpose behind the isolation for the highest good of all. I found that the tv show I was filming wasn't one I wanted to continue with, and the shoots I had in mind I no longer wanted to do. My mind began to expand because the isolation filled me with so many creative ideas that the old ones were being pushed out. I have already been on the road to self-development the past 3 years, but during the quarantine, it meant so much more to me. I told myself I want to be more serious and consistent about the work I create.

The beginning of quarantine started all of us were separated from our friends, family, and the things we loved. As a healer, it was my job to find a way that I could heal my people while respecting social distancing. I came up with the perfect idea and that was to heal gods, and goddesses through candles. Since our candle business started we created over 600 candles to serve and heal our growing community.

Each candle is specially crafted to the customer's energy. Once customers choose there set candle the healing process begins. When your order is in processing mode your candles are going through a process of what we call "energy clearing". This is a 5-day process as negative energy is being cleared away from each charka. Special prayers are made to provide a healing aura around you and your new candle. Once the process is complete your candle is beginning to be prepared.
The next process begins which is called baking. The candle is stored for a day basking in oils and herbs designed for the needs of your candle. This must be done on a specific day of the week as it helps customers achieve their desired results. Then, the candle goes into the process of "dressing". The beautiful stones and herbs are then laid one by one in your candle. The beautiful thing about the stones is they tell a story but that's something you must use your intuition in the best way to interpret.
After completion of this process, the candle goes through a final ritual before boxing that locks in energetically what you are already asking for.
The process is a sacred one as each customer is different and special. I hope this helps you understand the unique qualities of your candle as I encourage your growth through your spiritual journey.

Now it's time for you to welcome your new candle !
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