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Ancestor Perks

I once was a girl who was afraid to connect with her higher form of being. I was scared having no idea to whom I was. As a little girl, I was brain-washed to believe Harry Potter was a movie about the devil. No lie my mother wouldn't let my sister, or I go near that movie! I think that's what grew my curiosity more over the years. At the same time of being curious, it also pushed me away and caused me to be afraid. What if I opened the door to a world I never seen? That's what ran through my mind. Over the years of fear, normalization, and brainwashing I became so tired of my own shit. I craved change, and that is exactly what I received.

One day this voodoo priest messaged me and told me I would make a great voodoo priestess. It absolutely freaked me out! He did not know me, and yet read my life as it was a book. Growing up when I thought of voodoo I though pins and dolls and curses. I had it all wrong the religion is way more sacred then you'll ever know. Just like with all things you have good and bad. Intentions play a huge part in the voodoo religion. For those who aren't aware, voodoo is primarily practiced in Hati, New Orleans, and other locations in the Caribbean. Voodoo is a syncretic religion that combines roman catholic and native African religion. When I started practicing voodoo I felt an immediate connection. I felt the power, and I truly felt myself walking in my truth. Voodoo believers connect with the loas who are different spirits that hold different powers to assist us on our earthly journey. Your ancestors also play a huge role in this connection. Without honor to your ancestors, the spiritual request won't go far. They must first be honored and respected first before gaining access to the loas. Once you build a great rapport with the loas they will make life easier things will happen magically in your favor.

Once I gained this new-found knowledge and connection with my ancestors I gained so many perks. They will have conversations with you if you are brave enough to listen. I found myself in many situations in the earthly realm that my ancestors helped me get out of instantly. At times I didn't know which path to take, but my ancestors whispered in my ear "go left" instead of "going right". Hidden knowledge about my path and future started to be revealed to me the more I respected and honored my people. What I love the most about my ancestors is they can get down to business! They don't play about their children and will protect them with all of their power. Don't worry about gossip or others doing negative things towards you just give it to your ancestors they will deal with it. They will show you your power and just how to use it. Also don't get discouraged by others bashing your spiritual path because it will happen. I personally want to thank my ancestors for guiding me to create this post. Much love and honor to you. My advice to your curious mind is to dig deep and connect. I promise you will never be the same. Ase.