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The Art Of Tasseography

Tasseography is a divination practice that allows mirroring of our experiences. When we focus our intention upon the question that we are asking, we give shape to the energetic field allowing the spiritual realm to paint a picture for us. I have directions below for you to practice.

What You Will Need:
Loose tea leaves
Hot Water

How To Practice :
Place your favorite tea leaves into the cup.
Pour the hot water.
While the water cools, take a few moments to reflect on your intentions then begin to transfer your energy into the absorbent tea leaves.
Be sure that you formulate clear and concise questions.
Once the temperature is right begin sipping the tea while contemplating your question.
When there is a tablespoon of liquid remaining in the cup beginning swirling and turning: hold the cup in the left hand, swirl it three times from left to right.
Next, with the left hand slowly and carefully invert the cup over a saucer. Leave the cup upside down for one minute.
Turn the cup back upright, position handle towards the south.
The tea leaves should now be stuck to the cup in a variety of shapes and clusters, embedded with insights and answers.
Now it's time for the story to unfold !