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Triple Eclipse Triple Power

2020 is not only the most visionary year of them all, but it also comes with much transitional power. With entering into the age of Aquarius paradigms are shifting. The level of shifting that we are currently experiencing leaves no choice, but for us to rise! Either that or simply get left in the dust. Yes, it may seem scary, but it's so beneficial. Imagine being lied to your entire life since the feelings of the vibrational frequency in your mother's womb. It's not your parent's fault either because they were lied to first. It's up to you to now change the narrative as you enter into this new form of enlightenment.

During the periods of June - August we will have an open portal of energy that you must use wisely. Your craft is what you need to be focusing your absolute most on. The world is never going back to how it used to be. We are literally experiencing everything our ancestors experienced wrapped in one. You were specially chosen for a time such as now to become a change agent in your life and those around you. The bandaid is ripped off you now see the circumstances we are truly living in. You now see how your fears and emotions kept you in a state of stagnancy. Waking up is a tough pill to swallow. I remember vividly the day I was dropped down the rabbit hole. I can say that I'm glad my evolution started at that time instead of now! This gives me the opportunity to provide the blueprint so that you can succeed. My biggest secret to my success is my spirituality. I am nothing without it and I wouldn't want to go back to life without what I now know. I always say "do the inner work" because it's true. You have to know who you are at the core to realize where you're headed. I grant you safe travels and blessings on your way to unleashing your highest self.

Thank you for reading today! To further expand your healing and manifestation techniques through this eclipse period use "The New Beginnings" candle this will bring in a new cycle of opportunities in success.
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