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Rich Bitch Energy Double-Dose Spell

This spell is to aid with assisting in a double does of monthly income. For steady results complete this spell on a weekly basis.

Rich Bitch Candle
3 Cinnamon Stick
3 loose coins
Small aloe vera plant
Brown Sugar

Place 3 cinnamon sticks in your aloe vera flower pot

Next place three coins in a slanted shape between the cinnamon sticks

Pour 1 tps of brown sugar on the right side of your aloe vera plant

Pour 1 tps of pure sugar on the left side of your aloe vera plant

this short prayer :

As I walk through the gates of prosperity I pray for protection.
I am innovative and create lucrative ideas daily.
I am knowledgeable and trustworthy of my investments .
Wealth flows to me effortlessly and frequently.
Ashe Ashe !

Light your Rich Bitch Candle and repeat this spell every Friday .