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Reinvent Yourself

Throughout your spiritual awakening you will find yourself reinventing yourself many times. Just think of it as every so many steps you take ultimately if you pass the tower moment test(s) you will graduate to the next level. Each time you graduate you get stronger with the lessons you've learned. If you truly learned you'll realize you are the creator of your life experiences. Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned. If you have a tough lesson look for what you have learned. How did you feel? Was this a lesson you want to repeat? This will easily help you to avoid a cycle of unwanted bullshit. Haha just ask yourself those three questions. Once I've realized I was creating my reality rapidly I had to switch the game up! I had to become a chess player in my life. I noticed years back I was not playing the cards of life correctly. You must realize the power of life and death is in your tongue! You can absolutely create a successful lifestyle with those powers or you can live in misery and lack. Misery is not a cool space at all! I know how it all feels on every level from being at the absolute bottom to climbing all the way to the top. Most people want to be rich but their mindset is poor. Most people say they want a successful business but arent willing to spend their last on inventory. Some say they want to change their life, but will constantly repeat the same mistakes. Reinventing yourself takes time, patience, healing, and gratitude for how far you've come.

I must also tell you that reinventing yourself means to disconnect. Disconnecting from the old relationships, friendships, and situations that bring you down. Everyone has a reason and a time frame that they are sent here for. It's up to you to determine at the end what purpose they served. I will tell you this. Everyone isn't assigned to your destiny. They may have walked with you on the journey before you stepped on that path; please overstand they will absolutely be cut off before your hit that journey. That is simply because the universe is bringing magnificent blessings your way and their toxic energy simply isn't invited.

The New Beginnings candle is the absolute best when reinventing yourself!