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Mugwort's Magic

ugwort has been my arensal weapon of choice through my journey of being a Wiccan. This magical herb is one that unlocks hidden knowledge in the most vivid way. As a popular herb in the witches' pantry, it's also known for its protective qualities. My experience with using mugwort has been one of the best. When I first used this herb I didn't know too much about it, but I needed it for a quick spell use.

The mugwort was laid out on a small table with my ritualistic setting. To my surprise the next morning upon waking I had the most vivid dream ever! Guys, it felt so real as if I was in between two dimensions. The dream was so vivid it was like I took a special drug to astral project. I said to myself "wow that dream was super clear I've never seen so vividly before". I always keep my dream journal by my bed. I quickly jumped up and grabbed it; cracked it open and begin to write my dream down. To my surprise, I wrote a full page with details that I wouldn't normally remember. Still in shock of how clear and real my dream felt I wondered how did my dreams become so clear. I started my daily work and as I was scrolling I read a post that said "mugwort increases the vividness of your dreams. It's a gateway to hidden and ancient knowledge." And just like that, the light bulb clicked. It was the mugwort I laid out from the night before! From that point on I did so much research on the herb and how it's used. Not only is it great for spiritual uses it has healing qualities that improve the digestion system. From that point on I've always kept mugwort in my arsenal and it's a must-have that I keep near my pillow.

Spell Uses For Mugwort:

* Hang a bundle near your front door to prevent evil from entering.
*Hang a bundle near your bed to aid with astral projection.
*Burn mugwort over charcoal as a divinatory and purifying incense.

Mastery Of Protection is a great candle to use with mugwort!