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React Logically Not Emotionally

If I had a dollar for every time I reacted out of emotions in the past; I would quite frankly be a billionaire by now. I made so many irrational decisions in my years of growing up and to my defense, I felt as if I had the "right to". Toxic behaviors caused me to think that my irrational decisions and quick tik tok anger moments were justified. Not realizing that I was the true master of my fate I created a wheel of karmic patterns for myself unknowingly. I was blind to the fact that the universe doesn't say "Samara you were bad today" the universe just responds to the energy you put out. So if you were destructive and causing strife that day just make sure you're prepared for that same energy to return back to you. With reacting out of emotion I landed myself in big trouble twice within two years. Sometimes I say to myself "God I wish I would have known these things then" but that's not the point ! It wasn't meant for me to know these things at that moment. I still had some learning and growing to do.

What I've realized the most when I reacted out of emotion was that I was giving my opponent exactly what they desired. You may think emotionally reacting makes you big and bad which it does at the moment, but that's exactly when your opponent has you where they need you. Most narcissists will play this dirty game to make you look as if you're the delusional one. Don't fall for this trick! This is a trick I've fallen victim to many times which eventually put me on the receiving end of karma. Instead, play chess with your opponent the key is you must outsmart them! Give them the complete opposite reaction of what they are expecting. Withdraw your energy totally! Become a true social distancer. When you starve negative energy you give the opponent no option but to adapt to the vibe that you set. What makes it even sweeter is that most of them won't adapt because your vibe is such of a high frequency which means they will fall off by the waist side.
Win-win situation right? When I learned this special technique I started to apply it to many aspects of my life when dealing with people.

In the end, I found myself winning from all angles. I've learned to control my emotions, starve the energy vampires, and make wiser moves. Make your next move your best move.

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