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The Secret To Unlocking Your Power

This may sound bazaar, but I have found the answer that will help you reach your potential success. When we were children we were being programmed before we could even remember. That dates as far back as when we were in our mother's uterus. The outside world was already beginning to form our thoughts, likes, morals, and actions. After years of constantly receiving different information from our society, family, friends, and our own belief systems the actions we began to take became second nature. The reasoning behind this is because your subconscious mind has been storing this information all along. Our subconscious holds a certain type of power that our conscious mind doesn’t have. That is the ability to record even when we don't wish for it too. Our subconscious mind is similar to a tape recorder it records situations and events and stores them away for future use.

Things such as driving your car, riding your bike, pouring a cup of coffee all come from your subconscious remembrance. You don’t have to consciously think “ I must pour that cup of coffee” it comes easily. Those negative thoughts that constantly replay in your head could have resulted from far back childhood events. Over time negative events, experiences, thoughts, and actions became second nature to you because your mind became a sponge to them. Situations that may occur in your life may trigger these experiences to become a habitual habit.

As I sat down and realized where the problem lies I thought to myself “ If my subconscious mind had already been programmed then it can also be reprogrammed” and just like that, I had an Aha moment! What I began to do from there changed my life in such a positive manner and has also helped bring better opportunities to me. Each night for 8 weeks straight I listened to this guided subconscious meditation. I guarantee you if you play this for the next 8 weeks before falling asleep you will begin to automatically harness good energy into your life. It all starts with your mindset. Change your mindset to change your reality!