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Black Magic Brings Tragic
I recently sat and read a tragic story on how a woman did voodoo on another individual and in return died an unfortunate death. As a Wiccan, I must be straight up real with you guys. Magic is not for the faint-hearted.
And to be completely honest even in my young years of being an illiterate dumb witch I thought I was doing something when I dabbled into black magic and wind up getting burnt in return. It's no joke! Magic is real and these spirits that you call on are very real also. If you are not careful you may be tricked by these spirits. And most importantly if you don't know how to petition these spirits correctly and respectfully you and the very people closest to you can be harmed.

For those who are unaware of black magic, it deals with the "darker" end of things such as hexing and cursing. Many use these practices for different things along the lines of revenge, but the bottom line is this is something that you will eventually pay for. That is what most people are unaware of. Karma is real and how you receive it back is up to the universe. We all have free will to do what we like but if this is not something that you are truly skilled in and have all the equipment and knowledge to protect yourself from what may come of it then you simply shouldn't do it. I myself witnessed the tragedy from users of black magic. I even had some put out evil intent towards me, but it turned right back and bit them in the ass.

Another thing you should realize is those who seem to always be alone are the most dangerous to mess with. My explanation for this is because the loners always have a heavy spiritual team backing them up. You'll have ancestors, spirit guides, and orishas ready to go to war for their children and will protect them at all costs. Just because you may not like a person in the physical realm doesn't mean you know them in the spiritual realm. Spiritual warfare is real and if your not ready to get your ass kicked spiritually and some more karma handed to you physically I suggest you use that energy to create a better life for yourself. It's not worth it! The cost is high and it could, unfortunately, be with your life. Use magic wisely.