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Confessions Of A Spiritual Gangsta

As I sat in a room of quietness the question that popped in my head was "What is it that makes me so different?" To my surprise, I came to the conclusion that I'm authentically myself. A true spiritual gangsta. I love deeply, but I'm a force to be reckoned with. I do no harm but I take no shit. I love twerking, cursing, laughing, food, art, and all things unordinary. A balance of ratchet, classy, and sassy in the words of Megan the Stallion.
Which adequates to the perfect balance of namaste and fuck you.

Many people get the wrong perception of me. I've dealt with that since a child. My quietness always created an air of mystery. When one is quiet I've learned it can be the most powerful or the most dangerous. Some take my quietness for weakness while some take it for rudeness. I'm just an observer I watch the moves of others before I act. I am a game of chess. Over the years I would give and give my energy to people, places, and things that drained me. I stopped that! Pulled my energy back on those who didn't deserve it and put the attention solely on myself. Being told countless times as a child that your selfish only creates insecurities as you grow up. You begin to think if I'm selfish I must give more. That's the cycle I was stuck in. Until I realized selfishness is self-love. You can't give to others something you don't have so I must put myself first. When I did the gains turned out bigger than ever.

At the age of 24, I've experienced a timeline of pain, tragedy, highs, and lows that an average 40 year- old hasn't even experienced yet. I believe that's apart of the reason why I had a spiritual awakening so young. Also, it has a lot to do with my astrology chart of being born in the year that pluto exited Scorpio. Pluto is currently retrograde for the next 5 months bringing massive transformation to our lives. An old soul in a young body reincarnated back into this lifetime because I fucked up in the many ones before. Haha. So I'm back for the last time to fix this shit once and for all. Heal generations of curses and blockages. The nation will be healed with unconditional love.