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"Awakening Spiritually Isn't Roses"

Until the end that is. In the beginning, I must say it can be one of the most painful events you'll ever experience in life. Awakenings teach us about the true person who has been buried within us this entire lifetime. Once the true soul comes to the surface there's no turning back. Ever.

I've always had an intuitive nudge all my life that I was different. Never was one to fit in with the crowd. I stood out. One of the weirdest things I've always noticed was, I was always the youngest and smartest out of my class. I had my awakening handed to me at a pretty young age of 22. Life was wild, toxic, and chaotic. I'm sure my ancestors and spirit guides were shaking their heads at me every moment they received. Haha. Fast forward to now I realize how I've created my life until this moment through my thoughts & actions.

Often I receive the question of how can I start my spiritual awakening? Me personally I didn't ask for this. I was more so thrown into the rabbit hole with no return. Many are called but few are chosen. This means yes many people would love to begin their process, but that doesn't exactly mean that they are being called to heal the nation. Unless you have been chosen. And when you're chosen you will know. You can always work towards your spiritual path by becoming more enlightened, mindful, and healing your inner wounds through meditation and connecting with your ancestral roots. Yes, you can always improve but forcing yourself into an awakening does not mean you'll actually experience one.

Through my awakening, I was literally torn down to nothing in order to be built back up. I've lost a lot. 90% of my friends, family, and people I had connections with were dissolved. 100% of my materialistic items were taken away from my home, car, nicest shoes, and bags! And trust me you know a gal loves her shoes and bags. I experienced many nights of solitude as I cried to figure out why this is happening to me. I experienced life-altering tragedies. I went through a massive ego death. The dark night of the soul is nothing nice. As my third eye began to open I seen people's actions for what they truly were not what they said. I started experiencing paranormal activities and angels speaking to me. I began to speak with the dead. I adopted the ability to read people's energy so much that it became a bit overwhelming. I cried some more and more again. I found myself in relationships with soulmates that came to teach me some tough but real lessons in life. I spent a week locked away in jail. I've made it out of a nasty divorce that was filled with racism. I recreated myself. I put back the pieces. Regained my strength. Brushed my shoulders off. Took my power back and got back into the game. Now I'm back to inspire you to reach your greatness.