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"Multiply Your Manifestation" - Turn $1.00 Into $100

You’ve guys have waited so patiently
for the long-awaited secret on how you can turn $1.00 to $100.00. On the more extravagant end, I have turned $1.00 into $1000 using this same technique. I’ll keep this short, sweet, and simple so you can get straight to business! What you will need is a red balloon, marker, notepaper, lighter a $1.00 bill and most importantly
a potent prosperity candle.

First, on the ballon draw a target mark just as the picture depicted below. On the left side of the target, mark write your initials. Then you will take your notepaper and write these exact words “ Universe I pray that you release me from all financial debt. Fill my life with prosperity and abundance. Turn this $1.00 bill to $100 or turn this $1.00 bill to $1,000."

Then you will take the prosperity candle and write your initials on the candle with the same target mark. You will then place the $1.00 bill under the candle

Take your note and burn it. This helps your manifestations come at a very quick rate. Then you will go outside release your ballon. Once the balloon is released watch your ballon travel giving it the intentions of already having what you desire. Once the ballon has dissipated into the sky go back to light your prosperity candle.

There you have it! Now sit back relax and watch your manifestation multiply,

Good luck!

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