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Cleanse Your Home, Banish Negativity, and Build Your Immune System
With Frankincense & Myrrh Incense

What if I told you that you can banish negative energy from your home, boost your immune system, increase focus, diminish anxiety and depression, cure your respiratory system, and have a go-to spiritual antiseptic for the costs of $1.00? Here I will inform you on how to properly cleanse your home during this time for a very reasonable cost.

During these times that we are currently in which is called a "pandemic", it's very important that we constantly banish negative energies that may arise from conflict, arguments, anxiety, and feelings of uneasiness. This moment that we are in now is actually far worst than a "pandemic" this is actually what we call a "plague" and it's wiping people out by the hour, moments, seconds. This is not a time to have fear nor stress, but to protect yourself on all angels possible. That means physically keeping yourself healthy from taking your vitamins, detoxing, drinking much water, eating, and completing short exercise activities in your home.
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Using Frankincense & Myrrh Incense / Oil

Frankincense & Myrrh is powerful and healing. It's your duty to be the "Master" of your home by taking the lead to cleansing yourself and home. Whether you have the incense or oil both can be used.
First before cleansing yourself and home you want to go into this process at ease. Never start on an angry note or with a heart filled with anxiety. If you need help lifting your spirits before you start be sure to listen to some meditation music and then begin.

First start with yourself, never cleanse your home first without cleansing yourself because if you have negative energies on you all your doing is tracking that energy through your home. Cleanse yourself starting with your crown (head) and around your crown. This will bring clarity & calmness. Stay prayerful during this time, a prayer of your choice (protection, healing, prosperity). Then slowly work your way down from your shoulders, arms, fingers, legs. Lightly tap the back of your legs with the incense wand where you bend. Continue moving down your leg to your ankles and toes.

Next, begin to walk through the rooms of your home while saying a prayer.
Sway 3x in one corner as the smoke arises your prayers are going up to God and your home is being cleansed.
("Please clear this house")
("I pray for health & peace in my home)
Remember that you want to stay prayerful and never go into this with a down spirit.
As you move through your home the vibration will begin to change. The kitchen of your home is the most important. That is where the vitamins & nutrients are. Keep the vibrations always high in this area because you want to make sure everyone who is eating your cooking is eating a good vibration.
Make sure all doorways and entrances are cleansed. As people knock on your door with all types of energies and spirits attached to them. We don't need that in your home!

Now if you have an alternative which is the Frankincense oil you still will want to begin with yourself by dabbing your forehead, arms, legs, knees, ankles, etc. Then dab the oil on your hand and dab the top of every entrance and doorway with the oil. After all, entrances are blessed dab your forehead with the oil once again to complete this process.

Stay blessed during this time and remember you are the "Master Of Your Home"!