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Top 4 Greatest Spiritual Lessons I've Learned

Lesson 1: Balance
My biggest blessings came in the form of balance and boundaries. Knowing when I needed to provide myself with extra support and care and realizing that it's okay to say no to request in order to tend to personal needs. I gained an ultimate advantage at listening to my body with realizing there's physically, emotionally, or spiritually no way to offer a full cup when you have nothing to pour from. On the flip slide, you have to realize you still are human having a spiritual experience. Interaction with other likeminded individuals, situations, and events is needed. I realized my gifts were way too powerful to be locked up within myself. So, in turn, I came out of solitude to intentionally share my work of art with the world and help others rise while doing so.

Lesson 2: NO More Fear
What is the fear? To me, it's False Evidence Appearing Real. Where does this false evidence come from? The part of our brain that helps to create logical decisions which in turn will do it's best to protect you from what is conceived dangerous. Although that's polite of our brain where does the healthy risk come in at? That leap of faith we so often speak of? To achieve the desired results we wish for we must step out of our own way. You'll never know how far you'll go unless you try.

Lesson 3: Others Opinions Don't Define You
We've all have had moments where a comment may have made us feel insecure about ourselves and I can be the first to admit. Once I took a deeper look I realized those comments had absolutely nothing to do with who I am and more to do with the other person. It's important to realize that some individuals will project their fears onto you and it's not because your weak it's simply because you have great strength and they simply may just need more of that. Instead of responding negatively I came from a place of compassion because the perspective changed. This not only helped me to be more successful but also caused a change in their lives as well.

Lesson 4: Ask For What You Want
As I look back I noticed how nervous I used to be asking for what I deserved. Whether that be job salaries, relationships, business negotiations, etc. This, in turn, means I settled for less. Why? I believe because apart of me felt as if I wasn't worthy of receiving what I asked for and the other part of me wanted it so bad that I left no room for the universe to work its magic. Feeling undeserving and holding on so tight to the point of creating resistance can be a recipe to disaster. That simply just means what you desire will slip right through your hands. Don't settle for less because when you do you notify the universe that this is exactly what you deserve. And guess what? What you think you deserve will continue to be presented to you in different manners. Feel worthy of what you desire by starting with your mindset. Because what you seek is seeking you. And lastly, let go of resistance, it doesn't matter how you'll receive this desire. Do your part of what you can control and let the universe handle the rest. Ask for what you want!