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Self-Control Is Power

Think back to the last time someone took you out of your peaceful element. How did you feel emotionally? Whether the emotion was anger, sadness, or disappointment you somehow asked yourself how did I let an individual take me to a place such as this? The answer is you gave them the power to. Although your first reaction may quickly be to point the finger to explain why you should feel a certain way you must first realize you hold the power to your emotions.

No one can take from you what you don't give. If you give energy to the negative comments you feed negativity the same goes for positive comments. If you find that you are being triggered repeatedly by similar things we have a much deeper problem. In fact, that has nothing to do with the other party, but more of past things you may not have fully dealt with. We must also understand everyone who makes us sad, angry, or disappointed isn't out to get us. Sometimes the universe especially places these individuals in your life to bring to the surface what needs to be healed. If the lesson keeps repeating you have not learned the lesson.

Self-control is when you can keep your peace in the midst of adversity and become mindful of your thoughts, actions, and reactions. It's not what's said to you, but how you react. Self-control is power.