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The Matrix: Know When To Unplug

Living in a society where we are adapted to the feeling of being connected through texting, social media, TV, radio and being engulfed with meaningless relationships that when the time of solitude is presented to us we run into the arms of other sources. The problem here is that the need of always needing to be connected puts other people and sources in charge of your decision-making process. The matrix runners are specifically designed to program the repetitive things you do, to the same thoughts you think, and the actions, which in turn your take, that in turn creates your current reality. There's a secret though! The weapon that keeps us directly plugged in the matrix is US.

Let's take a look. Our thoughts create our reality. When tragic events happen the matrix runners know the specific events that will cause an emotional reaction/outbreak on a global level. This will affect the masses which in turn as a collective cause an energy shift between timelines. When you have billions of people focused on one particular subject that energy gives a great amount of power. That energy, in turn, shifts the frequency in our reality. Are energy, is now, used against us in this way. Knowledge is power. With knowing the tactics used you can protect your energy by unplugging from the "known" reality.

Tips On Unplugging :

1. Disconnect from social media when tragic events happen.
2. Don't get to engulfed with the news outlets most of the headlines are specially designed to bring your vibration down.
3. Create healthy boundaries around communications with others.
4. Observe how you feel during the commotion of certain events.
5. Put down the phone pick up a book. (Read or journal )
5. Meditate & Breathe.
6. Practice listening to your own voice (intuition).
7. Know when to take time to be alone.