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Full moons are known for clearing and letting go. Think of this as a universal pause to filter out the things that no longer serve you. Full moons are about endings, not beginnings so it is advised to try not to begin something new during this lunar phase.

The Cleanse

Before setting any intentions first things first! We must cleanse. Cleansing your energy field, space, body, and mind should be your first focus. On a daily basis, we interact with other energies both light and dark which causes energy build up. Take this time to cleanse your home, body, and any ritual tools with a smudge stick while repeating this mantra “let everything that doesn’t belong to me go...”


Meditation is used as a gateway between you and the spiritual realm. Preparing your mind and body for what’s about to take place is a great way to speak directly to your spirit guides and ancestors as they will help you.

When beginning your meditation set an intention on what you would like to achieve during this meditation session.

Ex: “Universe my intentions is to remove doubt & fear “

Intention Setting

Now it’s time to set your intentions. What is it that you want? Write it exactly how you want it. Be clear. Be specific. This is the time to tell it how it is. Write it out. Burn a white candle overnight with your intention. As the candle burns through the night so will your intentions of what you need to let go of.