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aths For The Soul
A soul bath is what connects the cleansing of oneself to a sacred connection with the soul. These baths are also called "bathing with intentions". This is simply when you give yourself permission to indulge in self-care while creating calm within. You must decide what your intent of the bath will be. Whether it be visualizing something you would like to manifest, cleansing the aura, or simply creating a quiet haven for reflection.

Baths are a symbolic way to connect you back with nature. They provide relief but even greater they can be used as a time to create a mental vision board . I found that I curate the most ideas when I'm relaxed with the beaming energy of crystals surrounding me, fresh roses touching my skin, and candle wax dripping with intentions. Cleansing while releasing is what helps me create the perfect picture. This moment is magical and I'm here to help you experience the magic.

What you will need:
Essential Oil
Bath Salt
White Candles
Journal & Pen

Step 1: Sage
Use this time to prepare a sacred clean space. Smudge throughout the bathroom and over the bath tub.

Step 2: Bath Salts
Sprinkle bathtub with two cups of bath salts .

Step 3: Essential Oil
Pour 1 tablespoon of the essential oil throughout the bathtub.

Step 4: Run bathwater

Step 5: Place roses in three straight lines.

Step 6: Candles - Carve each intention in one candle each. Ex "Job success" or "Career growth"

Step 7: Light Incense while visualizing intention you would like to create.

Step 8: Surround bathtub rim with crystals. Make sure crystals are cleansed before use.

Step 9: Journal & Visualize

Step 10: Hydrate & Relax

Now it's time to be open to recieve the manifestations you desire !