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Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

Mercury retrograde is the astrological speed bump the universe throws at us to help us slow down and revisit certain aspects of ourselves. This is a time where you can expect technology, communication, travel, and information to be disrupted. Just because it's expected doesn't mean it can't be survived.
As we are tossed in this slowdown of life it's a great time to revisit what projects are working for us and what isn't working so well. The retrograde season isn't cracked up to be as horrible as projected in actuality it's a reflection period to propel you forward. This inner reflection is what is needed once Mercury is back direct. To help us bypass certain diffculties I found that surrounding myself with certain crystals during this time has helped tremendously. Clear quartz is a very important crystal to keep close by during the mercury retrograde season. The retrograde season is the season of brain fogs and forgetting the details. Clear quartz will help as it aids to bring mental clarity. Also known as the "master healer" as it amplifies the energy of thought. This crystal will help you regulate your energy, and balance physical, mental, and spiritual planes while bringing balance to the body. The clear quartz crystal should be kept close by during this time.