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Fear and Love are both four-letter words but why is that we choose to fear the most? Walking through life in fear is similar to walking through life on a hamster wheel. It's a never-ending cycle. You will lose opportunities, privileges, and advancements moving in fear. Realize that many of those who are living in their purpose moved out of faith, not fear. When you're called for a special purpose you will be tested. You will lose some battles but they are not exactly losses only learning curves. Learning curves that will push you in the right direction. I use to fear the unknown that was until I became apart of the unknown. I now have a sense of calamity knowing that through the midst of complete chaos I will come out untouched and in my power. That's where you learn that your faith in yourself is bigger than the illusion that this so-called thing called fear has over you. That's when you unlock your calling and purpose. And most of all that's when nothing or no one can stand in your way. So cheers to fuck fear!