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"The Gate To Divine Timing"

The universe will put you exactly where you need to be at the moment you're supposed to be there. That is what I call divine timing. One thing about divine timing is you can't stop it from occurring. Everything that has happened in my life happened exactly at the moment it was supposed to occur. The good, bad, and ugly. Sometimes the universe uses timing to clear the path, bring alignment, bring lessons and much more. The universe divinely guided me through my awakening journey. I was always protected even in the scariest times. I kept my faith strong because I knew everything that was placed in front of me was too grow and strengthen me. I experienced loss, pain, happiness, unconditional love, joy and excitement throughout this journey. I want you to realize that you are all that you need. Everything you desire is within you. You are constantly manifesting your thoughts and words daily. You will be uncomfortable during this journey. You will lose friends as you no longer vibrate on their frequency. You may even think you're losing your mind. The things that once brought you joy will no longer bring you happiness. Happiness will become your number one priority as it is an inside job. The value of self will become more important. Values that you learned as a child will eliminate itself. You'll realize peace is found within no one else can bring it to you. Nature will become your best friend. Walks in the park and hugging trees will become a thing. Walking barefoot in the grass will excite you. Manifesting will come second nature to you as you'll learn how abundance flows. Your light will shine so bright that everyone will be attracted to you. The new moon and full moon will excite you as you weave your dreams into reality. Things that triggered you in the past will be brought to the surface to be healed. Beliefs on religion will shift internally. Your life purpose will arrive and you will freely walk into it. You will become a walking goddess filled with unconditional love as you realize you are connected with the divine. A shift is happening and I can't wait to see you on the other side! Let's evolve together.

The Alchemist Queen