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"The Street Sweeper"

When the street sweeper came it came as quick as a flood. Everything and everyone I thought had my best interest were removed directly out of my pathway. At that time this totally hurt me because I felt that I had no one to turn to. I soon noticed that I was playing on my own team and playing my own game of LIFE. This was exactly where I needed to be. By myself! Because solitude helps you figure out exactly who you are. It helps you grow in a way that strengthens you. Believe it or not many people are uncomfortable with the idea of being alone. Many people just aren't content with being alone. Some people feed on connections and without them, they feel a sense of lack looking in others to fill a void. Eventually finding out that others simply can't fill that void. The street sweeper revealed true faces in the very time I needed them. Some of the closest people to me I lost. Although I cut many soul ties with others for some I had to learn how to love from a distance. I am deeply proud of myself. I've been through so much constantly feeling like I'm waking up in a recurring pattern of drama movies. I finally found the key to it all. You must consciously turn over a new leaf. That means by making the effort to be the change you so want to see. I hope that you find your passion one day. The thing that truly sets your soul on fire. The thing that you wake up thinking about and go to sleep with on your mind. Be addicted to bettering and investing in yourself. You are the biggest pay off that will be worthwhile.