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"The Path Revealed"

After finding my way through what I would call a spiritual maze. I deeply realized what behaviors, patterns, and people that simply can't continue on this journey with me. Realizing that my current experience has been manifested through me by my thoughts, actions, and intentions. I also dug deep enough to heal triggers and years of pain. I started to realize how magical I was. Truly understanding my worth doors began to swing open. That's the key to it all. I deeply express to you find yourself. Finding out who you truly are will provide a strong foundation within you that will grow. Some other keys I learned through the spiritual maze was to fix my perception. Peace comes from your inner world and that reflects your outer experience. So whenever your outside world is filled with chaos just take a look within. Realize and believe you hold the power and freedom to your life.

I stayed on my journey. The path began to reveal itself. With all the new changes and great opportunities coming into my life, I had to learn how to ground myself. Grounding yourself is important because the "ego" likes to slip out at times and that's just due to human nature. But I realized the times when I operated from a place of ego and the times that I came directly from a place of love. I became aware of both angles because when I operated from ego I lost the very things I bragged about. When I operated from solely love I had more of a sense of gratitude and that helped me gain more in the end.