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"Take Off The Masks"
"There's so much beauty when you take off the masks"

Throughout my journey of becoming one with myself, I lacked the expression of vulnerability. I just didn't know how to be. I was always afraid to get hurt and betrayed. I was unwilling to let people get too know too much about me because I protected my weaknesses. And guess what? You receive what you focus on the most. And that's exactly what I brought in my reality. By learning deeper into who I was I realized that I can't project my own fears on myself. I began to take off the masks. I began to let other women know I've been through life having its way with me. Near-death experiences, empty bank accounts, hungry nights, eviction notices, heartbreaks, single parenting you name it! I cried and I sat in solitude. I learned the lessons that each knockdown had to bring and used the same stones to rebuild myself. Trust me everything comes with lessons even the greatest experiences in our lives. But guess what happened after that?

I told myself I would never put myself in the same situation. I got back up and continued to fight. At times that initial blow will knock the wind from your chest. There have been times where my immediate response after that was to give up and ball up and let life beat me. But with always remembering that "this too shall pass" I get back up and show life who I really am. A few days go by I'll get out of my funk and I charge at life full force! The doors of life may sometimes close on you. That's okay. That's only because new ones are being opened. Step into your power. Show the world who you are. Take off the masks.