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Awakening You're Inner Goddess"

A few years ago I had no clue as to whom I was. I found out the person who I told myself to be really wasn't me after all. Countless times I would find myself in dead in situations because I lacked being authentic with myself . I was a hurt girl with many scars and wounds to lick dry. I had to heal those wounds. Many didn't understand me because I've always been very different and very quiet. I went through some traumatizing relationships , near death experiences , and major family conflict battles.


I finally found myself . That was after I ripped myself all apart . I awakened my inner goddess. And guess what ? You can too ! Awakening the Goddess within begins with fully listening to yourself. That women's intuition , and divine feminine energy. What is it that you love to do ? No really not what you like to do , not what your told to do , not even what you think you have to do . What is it that you love to do ? What makes your soul happy ? For me healing others is my service to the world. Healing others doesn't exactly mean to completely heal all their wounds as that is something that you must want to do on you're own . Everything is free will. I can guide you to the water , but I can't make you drink it. Healing others in my terms is uplifting other beings , complimenting others , supporting others , giving valuable information , and providing others with a soulful experience. That's healing in my terms. We must do the thing we love to find true fulfillment . That is where your treasure lies.