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"Karma Comes Full Circle"

My karma has come full circle in all instances whether I've done something good in life or not so good. Although those bad times were tough at times the key is to learn mindfulness. Taking those bad experiences and learning life lessons from them. When I wrote this back in September at the time I was being kicked out of my own home because my husband wasn't getting the attention "he wanted". He went down to the court and came back with a temporary PFA order. Yes I know this sounds silly but so much more mental trauma came with him just not getting the attention he wanted. He tried countless times with trying to ruin my name, making false accusations in attempt to get my child taken away from me, and using his skin color to try to paint me in a bad light. Now, of course, I wouldn't say it's all his fault because he knew what triggered me, and with that being said I reacted at times. But I must say I never met a person so obsessed yet so eager to hurt you.

So I stopped reacting. And that also made things worst until I decided that maybe I didn't think this marriage over how I should. Maybe this wasn't for my best and highest interest in the beginning. Just maybe this was a karmic debt I had to pay. Once I realized that this was my debt for a relationship in the past or something that I may have done in the past I realized that I must end this vicious cycle. Karmic debts are here to serve a purpose. Once you realize the lesson and what it came to teach it will then be released from you. From that point on it's your duty not to repeat the same cycle.

I've learned from all past situations and I take accountability for everything that has happened. I now realize the choices I make will either have a positive or negative impact. I now know that certain decisions will deter me from my path or propel me towards it. I am in full control of my destiny & reality. Shape your reality for the better because karma always comes full circle.