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Solitude is the state or situation of being alone. I was isolated from the world for a reason. At that moment I didn't know why I just felt like a kid being punished. From the perspective at which I was looking at it from at that time I've realized it was a fear-based perspective. Now when I take a look at my isolation I am more appreciative. I needed that! Because in my isolation I noticed that my environment was pulling me into a barrel of crabs. The people that I thought were my friends were actually envious of me. I was surrounded by energy vampires. These are people in your close environment that drain you physically, mentally, or financially, They literally suck the life out of you by gossip, negativity, and anything low vibrational. Some notice exactly what they are doing while others have no clue. I was surrounded by these types of people, and I didn't fully realize it until I was isolated. The very moments that I truly needed these "friends" they weren't around. But you know when you're up they want to kick it with you and when you're down they want to kick you. My isolation taught me it's okay to be alone. I began to find my true self.

What we don't sometimes realize is that throughout the years of growing up we lose parts of ourselves. Do you remember when you were a child ? You felt as if you could do any and everything ? Then as life, situations, family, and unfortunate events came along they began to program your mind into the "fighting for survival" mode. And as time went on your dreams for yourself began to die. The goals you wanted to reach no longer were a thing, and the only thing that began to occupy your mind was "fighting to survive". Work only became your dream and you began to neglect yourself , kids , and family of your time and attention. Does this sound familiar ? I know it does for me. This was me working 20-hour shifts in the pursuit to chase money but in the process of neglecting my self-care, mental health, and the priceless things that were most important to me. I was operating from a fear-based mentality a lower vibrational state of being. Solitude also taught me about stillness. I had all these questions for God and I always wondered why I couldn't receive the answers. It was because I was always on the go, hanging around low vibrational souls, and engaging in low vibrational activities. You must become still to hear your inside voice. That requires seperarting your outide world to relearn your inside world.