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"Eyes Wide Open"

September of 2018 I truly began to realize what my body was going through. It started with me being wakened up out of my sleep at synchronistic times of the night. I would wake up at 2:33, 3:33, 4:33. It actually started to creep me out! Internally I just began to feel a shift moving away from the things I once knew. The things I believed were once coincidences were actually called synchronicity. Synchronicity is an experience of two or more events that occur in a meaningful manner.

I was changing and evolving each day. Early on 33 became my favorite number. I would see it daily from the time, license plates, billboards, mail, etc. It became a symbol of confirmation to me. The universe speaks directly to you through numbers, signs, and symbols. Your duty is to see what each piece means as you tie them together. Everything has a meaning, and the universe is always trying to show you new knowledge.

I finally woke up! I was beginning to find out who I truly was. And guess what happens when you're on the path of finding out who you are? The storm comes. You get shaken up. I must tell you undergoing a spiritual experience is not roses and fairytales it gets dark as you find your way to the light. You're beginning to learn yourself and the triggers that caused you to make certain life decisions. I didn't notice how many things that triggered me originated from my childhood, relationship heartbreaks, and betrayal. When the storm comes don't worry because they're supposed to happen to clear the path. What happens to a tower that's not built firmly?
It comes crashing down. It's okay to rebuild and start over. While starting over you began to notice the intentions and motives of people around you on a deeper level. You go a little crazy because the process gets lonely, and no one understands you. The things you once knew gets ripped away from you. And as you began to vibrate higher those who aren't a vibrational match to your energy will fall away from you.

You began to learn so much about yourself and the world around you. You get a new vision. Once the universe wakes you up it's impossible to go back to sleep"