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To Breathe Is To Surrender”
“I was finally able to breathe again once I surrendered”

Have you ever cried so dramatically that you choked on your own salvia, and it felt as at that moment your breath was taken away? That was me but almost every day of my young adult years. I mean yes I did have happy days, but those didn’t last for long . I look back now and asked myself what caused you to be so angry? Why did you take your pain out on the world? In that moment of silence, God answered me. He told me it was because I kept all my emotions bottled up. I didn’t have a true outlet that understood me. See as a child I’ve always been the misunderstood one. With being misunderstood you get put in a box. People don’t truly understand you or your purpose. So I was holding on to years of pain, and so that pain began to manifest in my life. You could see it in my eyes, on my face, in my attitude, and how I treated others. That unexpressed pain will eat you alive daily. And at that time not knowing the power of my thoughts made it worst. My pain turned me into a monster I didn’t always have it together trust me! I honestly believed God was tired of seeing me repeat the same dumb mistakes. He was tired of his child hurting and he stepped in. He pulled me out of the box they tried to keep me in and sent me through a deep spiritual awakening. I was finally able to breathe again once I surrendered. The key my friend is for you to surrender. The more we try to put our all into our problems the farther we get from our goal. Yes, it’s okay to look at the problem and do your part but, there also comes a time to lay down the burden and surrender it to the universe. The universe has the infinite ability to fix problems even when we don’t see a way out. Remove yourself out of the equation, surrender to the universe and watch how it all begins to work out .