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The Truths Of The Dark Soul
"Deep healing of our wounds makes us stronger"

Going deep is scary! But what happens when you're forced to? I was forced to put on my boots, gloves, and helmet and dig deep. During this time many childhood traumas were brought to the surface. I didn't notice how broken I was. I was a damaged young girl with a fucked up mentality.

God forced me to bring to the surface the very things that were blocking my growth and success. And guess what I unpacked? Me! I was standing in front of my own success all along, and in some cases slowed down the process. My attitude was a major key that blocked all my blessings. I was so angry all the time. During this time I revisited the relationships I had with people and how my brokenness damaged things. I was so insecure and impatient with not only myself but others. All the relationships I thought I had "under control" slipped right through my fingers. I had this thing where I thought people were just "out to get me". Now when I look back I think that was the most craziest thing ever. That right there is operating from a fear-based standpoint. And that's exactly what I began to manifest people who didn't have my best interest. My subconscious and conscious thoughts began too manifest rapidly. If I knew that my thoughts held that much power I would've made a conscious effort to shape them better. Sometimes we wonder why our life is going downhill but we can be the catalyst to our own suffering.

See here's the funny thing about the human brain and universal laws . Whatever you focus on GROWS. If you focus on hate it will manifest in your life . If you focus on love that will manifest in many forms too. My advice to you is focus on the things you want because your mind is so powerful.

What we didn't learn in school was how to unlock the power of our minds. Once you figure out your power nothing can stop you. You will begin to master mindfulness when you unlock your power. Mindfulness leads to instant manifestation. If you can control your thoughts you'll have control of your life.