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" Top Secret To Manifesting "

Do you want to know the secret of it all? Meaning in the form of manifesting all of your desires correctly. The fastest and most effective way is through candle magic. But there are some things people just don't understand about candle magic. It's not just the candle, the intention behind it becomes the guiding force also. And depending on your thought plus intention this will equal how fast it manifests.

What you must know :

1. A candle with no intentions behind it is just a candle.

2. A candle that is dressed better in proper form ( such as oils, crystals, herbs, flowers) will have a better chance at reaching its receiver.

3. Always remember a flame creates quick results.

Think of your candle in this context, your candle is an envelope. The envelope without a letter or stamp has no specific purpose at the moment. It just sits in a box. The "letter" written is your intention. Do you follow me? So overstand this, dressing your candle with herbs, oils, and crystals have a powerful meaning. That becomes your letter. As you measure out the different amounts of spiritual content. Begin talking to the universe by stating your request. Those become the words written in your letter. Words are spells so use them wisely in the exact way that you mean. Now think of the wick of the candle as the stamp. Without a stamp, your mail won't get to its proper destination. Without the wick, we cannot light the candle and we must remember flames create quick results! The wick is the earth element as it stays grounded the wax melts beginning in the physical realm and melting into the spiritual realm.

Your ancestors, spirit guides, and spiritual team are the mail carrier. They play an important role because they help the letter get to the universe. And what makes it so much better is they want to do everything in their power just to get it there. Now that your mail is at its proper destination you must give it time to process. Using candle magic I experienced manifestations in 24 hours, two days later, a few months later, and even a year later. It depends on how big your request is and the less resistance you give it. Don't burn the candle and huddle over it with worry and unease that creates a ripple of negativity. Least resistance is like going skydiving and just letting yourself fall with ease without clinching your body. Flow is the key.
Before candle magic use Frankincense to cleanse your space.
Read here how to use frankincense correctly.

Now your spiritual team is working in their realm with the universe to weave your intentions into reality. The magic has begun and the universe is working on your request like a movie production. Just remember you never see a movie being edited the end results are what you see. A movie that may take 6 months to 1 year in filming time turns into a 2-hour film with the best version to please its viewer. So be patient it will come.

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