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Lifting The Veil:
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Lifting The Veil
"When you lift the veil, you'll realize that the world is actually yours"

Take a step into my world for this moment in time. Just imagine you were me as I guide you through the lifting of the veil.

September of 2018 that's when I noticed myself going through some type of shift internally. This "shift" was a spiritual awakening. These shifts normally occur when the universe knows you are ready. As the phrase go "when the student is ready , the teacher appears." A spiritual awakening in the simplest form is to transcend from one state of lower vibrational being to ascending to higher levels of consciousness. Before hearing this the word "awaken" didn't have much meaning to me. That is in fact because I never knew what it truly meant. Until now. In the beginning the shift didn't feel like a shift. If I was to explain the feeling, I would say I was in a dream having an out-of-body experience.

I felt totally fucking crazy during this time. I was dealing with a cycle of toxic relationships , and patterns that were later broken and healed by me. It's like when we use the phrase "breaking generational curses" do we really know what that means? Generations could be blocked with anything whether it be financially, mentally, or spiritually. These blocks could be through fear-based or lack mentalities, poor judgment in actions, and negative intentions.

Have you ever felt as if you weren't able to have something in life ? Now we must dive deeper into the subconscious mind and ask ourselves why is it that we think we can't achieve everything we want and desire? What has happened in past situations that is blocking you from creating for yourself everything you desire ? We must start by breaking that chain then the links will begin to fall like dominoes.

Because the truth is ...
"When you lift the veil, you'll realize that the world is actually yours"
The Alchemist Queen