Blac Chyna Presents : The Seen Her Collection 

"Seen Her Collection Kit"

  The "Seen Her" collection kit includes the God Glam It candle , Hustle Sold separately candle, crystal capsule lipgloss , and a complimentary sage wand. A girls gotta have both hustle and glam ! Enjoy these two summer scented magical candles with 56 hours of manifestation time. 

"Tiger Eye Crystal Capsule Gloss"

This crystal capsule gloss is used for creative boosts , personal empowerment , grounding , power , courage , willpower , clear thinking , and protection. 

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The Seen Her Collection

God Glam It ! 

Candle Fragrance : Orange Blossom

  Helps boosts self confidence 

Gives personal empowerment 

Eases negative thinking and talk

Balancing of feminine and masculine energy